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Serene Mont Kiara 3.


Willie Ngu Architect.

Key Features

Solid European Bronze Ash.
Premium wide 150 mm planks able
to withstand humidity changes.

Delivering exceptional quality

Wide hardwood planks offer a premium appeal you can measure

The colonial-style Serene Mont Kiara homes inspired a wood flooring concept balancing the extravagance of old high society with modern elegance. To recreate classic charm, the client specified wide rustic wood planks for this flooring project.

Many designers prize wide planks as they show off more grain and add character and exclusivity. Because wide planks are cut longer, fewer planks are needed for installation. This results in fewer visible joints and a more seamless look. But this prestige often comes at the cost of dimensional stability.

Fortunately, NETWOOD® floors are sourced from manufacturers with the technology and expertise to produce hardwood planks and strips with enhanced humidity tolerance. The timber matched for this project was solid European Bronze Ash, a natural hardwood treated with cutting-edge heat and steam technology for peak stability.

These floors were crafted with 150 mm wide planks, but we can customize super wide planks up to 190 mm. Our quality is assured because we work with only a handful of manufacturers specializing in the preservation and performance of solid wood flooring.

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