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By on January 4, 2017

Oil-based vs Water-based Polyurethane Floor Finish

What is the right type of finish for your wood floor?

You have decided to installed timber floor for your home. After browsing the vast variety of timber species available, finally selected your preferred timber species for your floor. Now, the question is whether to finish the floor with Oil-based or Water-based PU? Another decision to make that will decide the outcome of your timber floor for at least the next couple of years.

As of today, the trend of using Water-based PU has greatly overcome the usage of Oil-based. The reasons behind are as follows:

  1. Both Water-based and Oil-based do provides good protection; the major difference is the look of the floor after application. Water-based finish gives a natural wood look to shine through, especially on a lighter tone wood like Maple. While Oil-based finish slightly amber/yellow especially over time.
  2. Water-based PU dries faster with each application being able to dry in about 2 hours. As for Oil-based, it requires about 5 hours between each application.
  3. Water-based PU has lower odor and has near to zero VOC emissions in just a few weeks after application.

Some will still go for Oil-based despite the differences mentioned above because they want to achieve a very natural feel of the timber texture after application. Oil-based can achieve this finish because the coating penetrates into the timber and leaves the timber surface with a very natural wood feeling. Whereas, water-based actually forms a layer of coats on top of the timber surface which hardly can achieve this effect.

With that being said, our recommended LOBA floor coating from Germany has made a new breakthrough with a new range of coating. A water-based coating that can achieve a natural feel of timber after application, the 2K InvisibleProtect. A great solution for your timber floor finish with the best of both.

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